My name is Jay Snyder. I was born in September of 1970. Raised in Carlisle Pennsylvania, and currently living in West Tennessee with my wife Patricia and dog Lulu. I started out coaching part time, telling people to try this and do that. It didn’t take long to realize everyone is different and no one plan fits everybody! I was, and still am surprised how many people still believe common myths on how to lose weight. From Keto to intermittent fasting even Omad (one meal a day). So many people will try anything. I started this company to help everyone, through repetitive learning, advise, accountability, support, and how to feed your appetite while remaining in a calorie deficit. Everyone has lost weight, but few people keep the weight off. What are my qualifications? Experience, period! I’ve coached lots of people! I don’t tell you what to eat, you tell me, and we work together to make it work. I am not a doctor, dietician, personal trainer, babysitter, or a drill sergeant. I simply open doors to help you understand what works for YOU. I offer an easy start up weight-loss guide with recipes, and coaching programs for every budget. So, if your tired of trying everything and only getting temporary results give “Your Diet Now” a try. Like so many, you probably wish you discovered us sooner! The company is growing! Look for “Your Diet Now” on YouTube for more recipes and tips on how to lose and maintain weight loss.

“No food makes you fat, no food makes you skinny. Only YOUR appetite controls how much bodyfat YOU have”

-Jay Snyder