What the most successful have in common

• 1st and foremost is mindset! You have to want to. There is no magic
pill or secret elixir. You have to put “skin in the game” so to speak.
Hang the most unflattering pic of yourself on a mirror or if you’re
doing it for a longer healthier life with loved ones hang their pics. Buy
a certain size outfit, pants, anything to keep your motivation going. I
don’t know where I heard this or who said it but ” ITS ONLY A
Mindset is very important.

• Count calories and measure your servings – The most successful
people know this stuff. I only want you to have the best possible
means for success. For instance, measure YOUR portions. You might
think your only using 2 servings of salad dressing (4tbls or ¼ cup it’s
the same amount) but when you measure how much you actually use
might be a big difference in calorie intake

• If you drink, you have to count your alcohol! Anything with calories
is considered eating, even if you drink it.

How hard do I diet to lose my belly fat and love handles?

• Here at Your Diet Now we do not diet hard! I recommend
1lb a week. Why? Maintenance! 50lbs in a year is a lot! You need to
develop habits and come down comfortably to maintain, if not you
will just wind up yo-yo dieting. The whole world doesn’t have a
problem losing the weight its keeping it off! Temporary actions have
temporary results. If you change your whole nutrition to lose body fat
what do you think will happen when you go back to eating what you

Do I Have to count calories?

• At first, and let me explain. I want you to know your portion
sizes and the calories in YOUR food. You will see that you have a
regular menu that you usually eat. Just something simple like a sheet
of tablet paper with a list of things that is part of YOUR common day
to day nutrition helps a lot, and after just a month or two you will be
able to look at YOUR food and know just how many calories are in it.
That also goes for weighing and measuring what a label calls a
portion. Go to restaurants? Most menus state the calories, just be
careful and round up!

I love my current food so much how can I lose weight?

• Food is an energy source. You cannot love the food. You
cannot have a relationship with food. You can love the moment (with
family with friends) love how it tastes, look forward to it, plan a good
meal, but find love in something else. Love yourself, love your pet,
love having the cleanest car, the best looking yard, anything! Just not
the food itself. Same for eating out of boredom or stress. Find
something else to take up that time.

Popular Myths:

• I’m going to increase my workouts to lose weight – Exercise has very
little effect on body fat, it’s true! don’t get me wrong I highly recommend
more movement but it all comes down to how many calories you take in

• Don’t eat before going to bed – it doesn’t matter what time you eat.
You can over eat any time through the day. And a deficit means less
calories to support your current weight. Your body cannot defy the
laws of physics!

• Eating healthy to lose weight – a lot of healthy food is high in calories.
Eating healthy and loosing body fat are 2 different things.

• You cannot target body fat. All the crunches, sit-ups and cardio in the
world will not give you 6 pack abs! If you eat like a pro football offensive
lineman you will look like one.

#1 Myth I’ve found during coaching…

• I’m hungry so that means I’m losing weight – WRONG! Do not use
hunger as a tool! You should be hungry when you eat, but never wait
till you are starving to eat. Your body is smarter than you. Doing this
only leads to bad decisions, over eating, and you are only training
your body to come back larger!
For instance, how many times have you dieted in the last 2 or 3
years? Making the same New Year’s resolution every year? Are you
larger now than when you started? Are back to where you started?
How many times have you suffered in that time only to be where you
are now?