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Not only did I lose 16lbs in 9 weeks, my blood sugar is lower than its been in years! Thank You!
The dessert recipes you sent me saved my butt at night! Down 10lbs in 12 weeks and still dropping!
20lbs in 9 weeks! Never thought eating pizza, lasagna and chocolate cake would drop my blood sugar too!
Thanks for teaching me how to stay comfortable!

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4 weeks

12 week challenge


12 weeks

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  • How does Your Diet Now operate?

Answer: During the consultation I get to know your habits, foods you like, and start sharing my recipe

templates with you. Your coaching does not start till the 1st Monday after the consultation. I’ll determine how many

times a week to check in with you during a week for accountability, and to “dial in” maximum weight loss and

comfortability. No two people are the same therefore no two people get coached the same.


  • Do I have to purchase shakes and meals from you?

Answer: No, this is not a food service company. everything thing can be purchased at your local grocery store or

through places like Amazon. You’ll just be using different ingredients that your probably not used to using or looking

for at the store. Your 1st month is most people’s hardest, due to switching out condiments and ingredients so you can

make the foods you like.


  • Will you give me a workout plan or schedule?

Answer: No, I am not a personal trainer. Your current activity level is fine by me. I recommend more movement, but

you are who you are.


  • Can you accommodate a keto diet?

Answer: I don’t recommend Keto, because it is very low carb, moderate amount of protein and higher in fat. Fat has

twice the number of calories as protein and carbs therefore, you will have to eat a lot less food. You didn’t get to

where you are by eating less food.


  • Can you work with vegan or vegetarian diets?

Answer: Yes, most of my recipe templates are very versatile. Substituting tofu, beans and veggie protein powders

instead of meat or regular protein powders works in most recipes.


  • How do we consult?

Answer: Weekly and daily check ins can be any means you feel comfortable with zoom, email, phone call, or face time its up to you


Jay Snyder is not a doctor or registered dietician or personal trainer. And nothing should be taken as medical advice. Any advice given is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem, and is not intended to replace any advice from a physician. Always consult with your physician or qualified health care professional on any matters regarding your health.